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    If we substitute for a frog a "Mr. Goodwill" or a "Mr. Prudence," and for the scorpion "Mr. Treachery" or "Mr. Two-Face," and make the river any river and substitute for "We're both Arabs . . ." "We're both men . ." we turn the fable [which illustrates human tendencies by using animals as illustrative examples] into an allegory [a narrative in which each character and action has symbolic meaning]. On the other hand, if we turn the frog into a father and the scorpion into a son (boatman and passenger) and we have the son say "We're both sons of God, aren't we?", then we have a parable (if a rather cynical one) about the wickedness of human nature and the sin of parricide. (22)

    We love Bes our waiter. Everyone at this restaurant makes us feel welcomed. We recommend this restaurant to all of our friends.


    I lay on the giant amazing bed, naked. One hand massages my breasts while the other plays around with my pussy. This feels so good. I know I will be punished, but I don't care. I need this.

    Soon I am close to orgasm. I bring one hand off my breast, grab a vibrator, and use that to push me over the edge. I come and as soon as I'm done, I look up to see you standing in the doorway. I yelp.

    "What do we have here? You know this isn't allowed. Coming without my permission. I hate to, but I'll have to punish you." You say, a stern gaze taking over your face. "In the corner, on your knees. Face the wall and don't look up." You say and without a word I comply. You leave me and go to bed.


    I wake up on my stomach, on the bed. My ankles and wrists are chained to the bed posts and I am blindfolded. I sighed. You were gonna keep me chained up until you got back from work. I relaxed and slowly drifted asleep.

    I fitfully dreamed of what you would do to me. I woke up when I felt a whip hit my back. Just one stroke. That's all. I was surprised. Once you saw I was awake you set down the whip and took the cuffs off my wrists and ankles. You took off my blindfold and grinned at me.

    I looked around the room. You ordered me to get on the ground on hands and knees. I quickly did so and you attached a leash to me and led me to the living room. Set up in the living room was a strange contraption. There was a large bar running from the floor to the ceiling. Halfway up the bar was a chair that could retract. A few inches from the top and bottom was a bar that went out 6 feet, coming towards her. A half foot from the end of each bar a bar was held that went out five feet on each side. It looked like a frame without sides that could rotate. Chains hung about three feet in on both the top and bottom. There were cuffs to hold her legs and arms with.

    You ordered me into the chair and I quickly obeyed. You put the cuffs on my ankles and wrists. I am now sitting in the chair with my arms above me. I watch you messing with a tiny remote. You pressed a button and slowly the chains started moving, gradually getting closer to the ends. The chains dragged me with it. Soon, I was stretched out on the thing. The chair had retracted so I was hanging by my hands and I couldn't stand as my feet were hanging too. I squeaked as you came closer.

    You shook your head. "Quiet. From now on, any begging will lead to a whipping and a another day in this thing. Are you ready for your punishment?" I simply nodded. You dug through your chest and pulled out the metal nipple clamps. You attached them to my nipples and tightened them. You dug through the chest some more and found a small device. Without warning you pressed the tip of it to one clamp and turned it on. Immediately electricity flew through the clamp and hit my sensitive nipple, hitting me with a jolt of pleasure and pain. You did the same with the other nipple, then put away the device. You now walked into the bathroom.

    When you came back, you held an electric toothbrush. You bent down and pressed the bristles to my clit. Then, you turned the speed up all the way and let the bristles drive me crazy. I was making a weak attempt at squirming but I couldn't do much. I was about to come when you pulled the toothbrush away. You dug through your chest again and pulled out a strap of leather with beads on it.

    You connected it to the chain that connected the nipple clams, which were still on, and pulled it down. You let it hang while you turned my little prison around right on the stand. You grabbed it and brought it up so it rubbed on my pussy. You sat in a chair and pulled at the strap so that the beads rubbed against my clit. My squirming continued and again, just as I was about to come, you let go of the leather and walked over to me. You trailed your finger down my body. "Its going to be a long weekend" you said and right then and there, I knew you were right...

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    Lulu I'll Come Running Over - ShoutLulu I'll Come Running Over - ShoutLulu I'll Come Running Over - ShoutLulu I'll Come Running Over - Shout